Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gaia Online Games Review

Yes, the name was Gaia Online Games, and it was contain many falsh games insides. When you registered you will have 400 gold when you already activated by the email. This online games is complete, we can lay games and earn gold. We can collect gold by surfing the website and commenting and make a vote rating on some avatar or else. If you're active in the forum you can earn gold too each time make a post in that forum.
Collecting gold is fun and also you can upgrade your tools an bought accessories to make your avatar more pretty or handsome.
I like to play fishing and always want to upgrade my fishing rod :)
This is really cool game, try this one and you will want more. :) Visit the Gaia Online Games.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Reign Game MMORPG

Do you like to play MMORPG ? Try this one. It's called Reign, Persistent Web base Game Online.
This games full with strategy and war, you can attack other nation in your region and make allied to defeat other nation or other colony. I like this games and I can build a large colony in my nation. I can play many nation at one time so it isn't going to make you bored.

Tips :
At the first time you play this games, start to build some town to increase your money, but don't bought too much as larger your land cost of building increase too. Build Power Plan more than 20 capacity because it needed to build a city. Your first target is build a city. The city will produce $3,000 per hour.
Next step is create more city at the first week and build a nuclear plant. Nuclear plant has 75 power plan capacity it's can build 3 city with low cost of land.
How to grab a uranium because this uranium cannot be produce by metal mine. Wty to see the bottom of the web, you will found a reward link in the Daily Reward section. Click it and you will have 5 uranium every day.

Ok that's it and let's play Reign Persistent Web base Game Online.